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Do I Need a Wedding Planner? 5 Things to Consider

Weddings are stressful. They should be fun, and in the end they typically are, but they are stressful. Point. Blank. Period.

As a slightly impartial party, I strongly advise every couple to get some sort of assistance when it comes to their wedding day. And while you may think your bridal party can cover the day of production or your great aunt Sally can run the rehearsal, here are a few things to consider when thinking the same thought almost every bride or groom to be thinks -

"Do I really need a wedding planner?"

1. You're simply too busy.

When the excitement and shock of your engagement starts to set in and you get the obligatory "When's the wedding?" question from every family member and friend, that's when the panic usually begins. You may ask yourself, how will we get this done in time, how much time do I need to put into planning, where do I start?! If you or your fiance work full time, ask yourself if you are ready to commit every weekend and weekday night to the planning of your big day. If the question alone exhausts you rather than excites, you may want to explore your local planner options. Wedding planning is a full time job, typically 150 hours or more (not including the day itself), so why not leave the job to someone who does this as an actual job? While you and your spouse to be sit back, and enjoy the process.

2. You don't know if you can afford one.

Today, more and more couples are taking up the responsibility of contributing to their own wedding in addition to their families or taking up financial responsibility themselves completely. As of 2020, the average wedding budget comes in at $33,900 according to The Knot. While the price tag might seem hefty and paying for a planner might initially intimidate - there are actually financial benefits to hiring a planner. A planner will be able to help you navigate, negotiate and track all expenses and vendors, like the venue, caterer, and florist. 9 out of 10 times you will benefit financially from the existing industry connections. Typically, one of their many tasks included in their planning packages includes budget tracking which keeps you more accountable than if you were solely in charge of the wedding credit card!

3. Wedding planning is impacting your personal life.

While planning stress gets the worst of the best of us and is completely normal, some couples get caught up in the daunting tasks so much so that, their mental health can start to suffer. Long nights of vendor searches, calls from the bakery on your day off and dealing with your bridesmaids opinions of the dress you chose - all of these things add up. While stress is almost inevitable, hiring the planner will help lift the load.

4. Ask yourself: can I handle all of this?

Planning isn't all cake tastings and beauty trials. Weddings take a crazy amount of detail-oriented organization, from the seating charts to payment deadlines. There are so over 100 components to this ONE day - can you realistically handle it all alone?

5. You may be starting to realize.... Pinterest doesn't plan weddings.

Alright - I said it. Someone had to burst the bubble. Don't get me wrong, Pinterest is great. Planners use it all the time to connect with their audience and share ideas and inspiration with their clients but, the visual search site can be daunting. There are so many ideas, too many really. And you can pin all you want, but in reality, your Pinterest board might not fit your actual style - or budget. Another reason to consider hiring a planner is they will steer you in the right direction for your situation and come up with creative ways to give you as much elements as you want off that board.

These are the top tips I have for brides and grooms to be who are either just starting on their wedding planning journey or you've hit a realization of "I need help". Regardless of your situation, allow yourself the luxury of even just looking at planners to fully know the options you have! Everyone deserves a stress-free, beautiful day and a planner is the conductor behind those Pinterest worthy weddings that you will remember for a lifetime.