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The Guide to Postponing your Wedding

Let's just admit it. COVID-19 sucks. Bad.

Never in a million years could I, or any of my clients or vendor friends could have seen this one coming. For what was set to be a full and flourishing wedding season has quickly turned into a mess of broken hearts and disappointing decisions to postpone, or cancel weddings.

Here is a guide and the best tips and tricks for postponing your wedding in the most seamless way possible.

1. Postpone, Don't Cancel

You have worked so hard in preparation for this day - the planning, the excitement and the anticipation does not need to go to waste. It may seem like cancelling is the easiest, less stressful way to deal with the current situation but please don't forget how much you were looking forward to this day, to YOUR day. When looking back years down the road, you will regret not fulfilling your dream to have your dream wedding. Postpone, don't cancel, because you and your partner deserve a day designed around your love.

2. Contact All of your Vendors

This is a time when having a wedding planner in your corner is beneficial. If you do have a planner, they should be the ones to take up the task of contacting all your vendors to find a date that works best for everyone to postpone as well as review all those contracts again and make sure deposits stay valid, and tie together any other lose strings and final details. If you do not have a planner, no worries! Hop on your email, and reach out to your vendor team to see what their policies are for rescheduling and then work on curating a new date that works for most (hopefully all) of your vendors.

3. Spread the Word

First off, think of your most important people, the people who are at the top of the list, you couldn't even imagine your day without their presence. Now, send them a text or email to check if any of the vendor available dates work. It's best to give 2 options and no more to avoid an even bigger headache. Once you have that date, spread the word! Tell your closest family and friends, your bridal party and the rest of you guests.

Pro tip: lots of companies and stationary designers are offering "change of date" cards to be produced for a quick, formal way to communicate your new date to your guests. If you want an official, less formal but still effective way to announce the change of plans, you can post an image of the same card to your social media platforms, as an email attachment or directly on your wedding website.

4. Don't Hesitate to Cry, But Also to Celebrate

Your original date's arrival will cause the ultimate mix of emotions. You will feel angry, sad and disappointed. And that's okay. Just like you deserve your dream day, you deserve the time to mourn what would have been. Take in the day as it comes, don't hold back on any feeling that comes your way. Set up a romantic dinner with your partner at home, have a zoom happy hour with your bridal party or binge watch Tiger King to really get your mind off of things!

The days ahead may be unclear, and it is normal to be sad and scared of the future. But while there are 100 reasons to feel let down, remember that your day will come and it will be all you hoped for and more. Breathe in the extra days of being a bride or groom to be and enjoy what may be the only time in your life to focus on yourself, your relationships and the chance this pandemic is giving us to slow down and relish in the calm of home.

We got this.